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Leak Adjustment Form


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    1. Leak Adjustment Guidelines

      • SqCWD will grant an Adjustment for any leak, or unexplained high water use.
      • Adjustments must be applied for within ninety (90) days of the billing period in which the high water use occurred.
      • The amount of the adjustment is determined by comparing consumption during the period of the high usage to the same period the prior year. It is assumed that the difference in use is is attributable to a leak or other unintentional usage. Fifty (50) percent of the excess water use, caused by the incident, is excused. The remaining fifty (50) percent is billed at the highest billing tier the customer attained for the same period the prior year.
      • A maximum of two (2) consecutive billing periods can be considered for qualifying adjustments. 
      • Customers are allowed one adjustment every three years.