What is the District doing to ensure adequate water supplies in the face of seawater intrusion?

All drinking water provided by the District is from the Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Basin, which is shared with other pumpers (municipal and private wells) and is our sole source of drinking water.  This Basin is critically overdrafted, meaning more water is collectively pumped out of the basin than can naturally be replenished through rainfall. This has resulted in   seawater moving inland and contaminating our only water supply. 

The District has made and will continue to make investments in the water system to protect drinking water supplies and ensure the delivery of safe and reliable drinking water supply for generations to come. In order to ensure future success, we must be prepared to continue investing in our water system, meet state and federal regulatory standards, obtain the necessary infrastructure and permits, and address the challenges from climate change and rising costs that many water systems in the United States are facing.  

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) lays out short- and long-term infrastructure projects needed to continue delivering high-quality water to our community. One of the most recent critical CIP projects is Pure Water Soquel, which provides a sustainable, drought-proof supply of water that is available year-round to supplement our overdrafted groundwater supply and helps prevent seawater intrusion from moving farther inland and contaminating drinking water wells. Learn more about Pure Water Soquel.

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