Why can't I see my hourly usage?

There may be a few reasons: 

  • If you are viewing on a mobile device you will be unable to see hourly data.
  • Occasionally there will be a disruption in your water data. These gaps happen when your water usage information transmitted from your i-meter is not received by the District’s fixed network infrastructure to be sent to WaterSmart. This may be due to hilly terrain, a temporary issue with the District’s i-meter system or due to periodic obstructions, like a car parked over the meter. If the reception has been spotty for your service, you may be unable to see your hourly or daily usage. Once reception quality improves, access to hourly and daily usage will be restored. (Please note that this does not affect your water usage for billing. The meter will continue to record accurate water reads during this data interruption and will transmit that data when it is next able to.)

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