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Posted on: July 1, 2023

WaterSmart Customer Portal: Helps to Detect Leaks and Track Usage - July 2023

The WaterSmart program is an easy way for Soquel Creek Water District customers to track usage and help use our limited water resources wisely. WaterSmart provides customers with a modern digital portal to access detailed information about household water use, pay bills, and set up alerts. It can be accessed via your phone, tablet, or computer. This innovative software helps residents and businesses to save money, use water efficiently, and quickly identify leaks. 

Leak Detection and Prevention 

One of WaterSmart’s biggest benefits is helping customers identify leaks and other issues that can contribute to high water bills. By monitoring usage data through the WaterSmart portal, customers can quickly identify any spikes or irregularities in their water usage, which may indicate a leak or other problem. This allows customers to act quickly and avoid costly water bills.  

By proactively managing leaks, customers can not only conserve water but also protect their property from potential water damage and avoid associated repair costs. You can sign up on the portal to receive notifications of unusual water use. 

Efficient Water Usage

In addition to identifying leaks, WaterSmart can provide personalized recommendations to help District customers save money on water bills. Recommendations may include adjusting irrigation schedules, fixing leaks, or making other small changes to reduce water consumption. These changes help conserve water, which is especially important in Santa Cruz County, where water resources are limited.  

Personalized Water Use Reports

WaterSmart also generates personalized water-use reports based on a customer’s consumption patterns. The reports offer valuable insights into your water usage, comparing it to local averages and providing recommendations for improvement. By understanding how your consumption compares to others in your area, you can identify areas where you can use water more efficiently. WaterSmart’s data-driven approach empowers individuals with the knowledge they can use to make informed decisions and take action to improve efficient water usage. Customers can customize their Customer Portal profile through the Household Profile. You can find the Household Profile in the drop-down menu under your name in the right-hand corner. Completing the Household Profile will improve the relevancy and accuracy of the water-use comparisons and recommendations you see in the portal.  

Educational Resources

In addition to the data-driven reports, the WaterSmart portal provides a wealth of educational resources, such as tips and guidelines on landscape irrigation and information on the many rebates the District provides.  

Go Green

The WaterSmart portal is a one-stop shop. Customers can pay their bills through the portal and sign up for automatic billing and/or paperless billing. You can also pay by text as well as sign up for alerts. 

Register today!

To register, simply go to and enter your Account Number (exactly as it is shown on your bill) and your zip code. Once you are registered, you can create a portal username and password based on an email of your choice. 

The District is really excited about the WaterSmart program, and we encourage all our customers to sign up today!  It can empower individuals to actively participate in sustainable practices by encouraging efficient water usage, leak detection and prevention, and providing personalized reports and educational resources. With programs like WaterSmart, we can collectively work towards a greener future, preserve our precious water resources, and create a positive impact on the environment. 



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