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Posted on: June 1, 2023

Pure Water Soquel Construction Update - June 2023

Pure Water Soquel (PWS) construction has been underway since Spring 2021. Pure Water Soquel will:

  • Replenish the local groundwater basin to prevent further seawater intrusion, and be a sustainable water supply that meets the community’s goals and values, and the State’s mandate under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.
  • Be a reliable, drought and climate-change-resistant supplemental water source, which contributes to the diversification of the District’s water supply portfolio and enhances resiliency.
  • Provide District customers with a high-quality and safe water supply.

Pipeline construction has been ongoing since May 2021 and is 90% complete as of March. The Water Purification Center (located at the corner of Chanticleer Avenue and Soquel Avenue) and the Recycled Water Facility (located at the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility) broke ground in December 2021 and construction is anticipated to last through early 2024. We have built three recharge wells (two in Aptos and one in Capitola) to replenish the groundwater basin with the purified water produced from the Water Purification Center. Throughout 2023, the District will be constructing site improvements at these recharge well locations. We anticipate the Project to be up and running in Fall 2024. 

We are very fortunate and grateful for the financial investment and continued support that State and Federal agencies have provided for the Project.

Helpful Links:

Pure Water Soquel Water Purification Center

The recycled water purification building at Chanticleer will house the microfiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.

 Concrete tanks at Chanticleer Purification Center.Concrete tanks at Chanticleer Purification Center.

recycled water treatment facility
The recycled water treatment facility being constructed at the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Twin Lakes Church recharge well backwash tank

The backwash tank being constructed at the Twin Lakes Church recharge well. Periodic backwashing and rinsing of our well screens will help to maintain performance and optimize replenishing our basin with purified water.

Pipe Installation on Laurel St Bridge

Pipeline advancing over the Laurel Street Bridge in Santa Cruz that will bring the water to the Purification Center. 

Rosedale Jack and Bore

Pipes being installed underneath Highway 1 at the end of Rosedale Avenue in Soquel. They will meet with the pipes on Kennedy Drive which will bring purified water to the Monterey Recharge Well.

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