September 2024 - Leafy California Buckwheat

Leafy California BuckwheatEriogonum fasciculatum var foliolosum, Leafy California Buckwheat, is a hardy native shrub that grows 3 to 4 feet tall and about as wide with showy, delicate textured white to pinkish flowers that fade to a rusty hue from the summer into fall. Leafy California Buckwheat grows along the western slopes of the Coast Range and is carried by nurseries. Other Buckwheat varieties grow in the desert Southwest and may not be easily found or particularly well suited for our area. California Buckwheat hosts various butterflies and moths and is an excellent plant in butterfly gardens. It is a foundational plant in the wild, providing food and shelter for many animals. Its narrow leaves provide great natural mulch, fostering healthy soil that helps support other plant species. Leafy California Buckwheat needs no watering after it is established, and it grows in a wide variety of soils, making it an excellent choice for the casual gardener—plant in full sun. Check out Leafy California Buckwheat growing in the Vaidehi Campbell Williams Garden at 5180 Soquel Drive or please visit Water Smart Gardening website for information on this and other great plant choices.