August 2023 - Pomegranate

pomegranateNoted throughout human history and rich in symbolism, the Pomegranate grows in Mediterranean climates worldwide. It’s a suitable choice for landscapes in our area as a large-scale ornamental shrub to small tree. The seeds can be used for juice, food coloring, and seasoning in certain Middle Eastern dishes. Pomegranates are tough and can grow in many different soil conditions. They require very little water and take full sun, even tolerating reflected sunlight that can scorch other plants. Pomegranate grows densely. It is deciduous with apple green-colored oval leaves and bright orange-red flowers that give way to red fruit in the fall. Plant Pomegranates in the fall in locations that receive at least 6 hours of sun daily.  Ask local nurseries about availability and different varieties to suit your needs. Pomegranate is versatile and can be planted around patios, as a background specimen, and in containers. For more information on this and other plants, please visit