July 2023 - Cecile Brunner Rose

Cecile Brunner RoseThe Cecile Brunner Rose (polyantha) is a popular choice for use as a screening plant on fences, trellises, and other structures suitable for vines. This award-winning climbing Rose is notable for being very hardy and disease resistant. Unlike most Roses, Cecile Brunner grows well without the need for feeding and other treatments. It grows in many soil types, requires little water, tolerates some shade, and may reach heights up to 25 feet tall. In the spring, Cecile Brunner blooms profusely with small-sized, fragrant flowers that can be used in arrangements. It has thorns and spines; take care when working around it. Cecile Brunner Rose may be found in English cottage gardens, ranch gardens, and in wildland-inspired gardens. For more information on this and other plants, please visit https://santacruz.watersavingplants.com/.