Seaside Daisy - April 2023

Seaside DaisyThe Seaside Daisy (Erigeron glaucus) is a small-sized perennial ground cover reaching one to three feet tall at maturity with delicate green leaves and showy lavender-colored flowers in the spring and summer. It is a California native that likes sandy, loamy, or rocky soil in full sun to part shade. Seaside Daisy is an excellent choice for containers and small spaces or can be planted densely as a ground cover. Seascape-inspired rock gardens, at entryways, around patios, walkway borders, and in raised beds are well-suited spaces for the Seaside Daisy. It attracts butterflies and provides excellent cut flowers, too. Give Seaside Daisy some water during the summer months. True to its name, this plant only thrives in hotter inland microclimates if planted in spots with afternoon shade. Seaside daisy is a beach local, so it will thrive in most if not all, areas within a few miles of the coast. For more information on this and other plants, please visit