Golden Currant - Jan 2023

GGolden Currantolden Currant, (Ribes aureum) is noted for bearing fragrant flowers which can be used in Spring salads and delicious berries that add wonderful flavor to jams, jellies, pies, and even ice cream. It is a prized plant for edible gardens. Known also as Clove Currant due to the spicy, floral scent of its flowers, this California native can be found throughout the Western states, growing in a wide variety of habitats, making it a good candidate for most gardens regardless of soil type and microclimate. Golden Currant will tolerate shade, but for it to flower profusely and bear fruit, plant in half to full sun. Golden Currant grows to about 6 feet tall and is best maintained with good pruning in the Winter. You will also be treated to a classic display of Fall color when the leaves of Golden Currant turn yellow to red before they drop. For more information on Golden Currant and other plants, please visit