November 2022 - Santa Ana Cardinal Coral Bells

coral bellsSanta Ana Cardinal Coral Bells does well in dry, shaded areas of the garden. This hybrid shrub (botanical name Heuchera) is a California native perfectly suited for life under mature oak trees and other spots that don’t receive much sunlight or moisture. ‘Santa Ana Cardinal’  blooms in Spring with pinkish-red showy flowers that attract hummingbirds. Mass the plantings for a thick profusion of color in larger areas, place them in containers and use them at entryways or among rocks and along borders. This plant deserves visibility. Situate it where it will be appreciated.  ‘Santa Ana Cardinal’ does well in a variety of soils as long as the soil is well-drained and sparsely watered. Moist soil will promote mealy bugs and root rot. For more information on this and other water-smart plants, please visit