August 2022 - Creeping Thyme

Creeping ThymeCreeping Thyme, also known as Mother of Thyme, is a perennial herb that makes an excellent ground cover. It’s useful as a filler between steppingstones and in patio hardscaping to fill stonework joint spaces. Flagstone and similar materials are commonly paired with a Creeping Thyme joint filler to soften the surface and add color. Wen stepped on, the herb releases a pleasing minty fragrance. Creeping Thyme is also used as a lawn substitute. It will take pretty good foot traffic. Some folks mow it high once a year to encourage dense growth, but this is not necessary. Creeping Thyme will not grow much taller than about an inch. It does best in loamy soil, so some amendment may be necessary if your soils are heavy clay or sandy. Butterflies and bees are attracted to Creeping Thyme and use it for food and habitat, lending added interest and benefit to the local ecosystem. Creeping Thyme prefers dry soil and will not thrive with wet roots, so avoid the urge to irrigate regularly. For more information on this and other resilient plants, please visit