February 2022 - Blue Hibiscus

blue hibiscusBlue Hibiscus, February’s Plant of the Month, is a forgiving shrub, ideal for the casual gardener. It is found naturally in the sandy scrublands of coastal Western Australia and thrives in sandy to loamy soils. Blue Hibiscus grows to about 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide and requires little to no water after it’s established. You can plant it as a foundational specimen and prune it when needed to encourage compact growth and profuse flowering. Despite its name,  the flowers of Blue Hibiscus can actually be various shades of purple, pink or white, depending on the individual plant. Regardless of the hue, this shrub produces lovely flowers almost year-round. Being non-particular, it works well in containers and in the ground in full to half sun. Inquire at your local nursery for availability. It’s a plant well worth the search. G’day, mate!