November 2021 - Tea Rose

Tea RoseGardeners can successfully incorporate some plants into water-wise landscapes that are not typically thought of as low water users. The Hybrid Tea Rose varieties fall into this category. Tea Roses are much loved. They provide classic beauty and bring cachet to any landscape. And they work in low water using gardens. Tea Roses like acidic, loamy soil. Many soils in our area are either clay or sandy and can tend towards being more alkaline rather than acidic. It is worth knowing your soil type and pH before planting Tea Roses. If you are not sure, a soil analysis from a good lab will give you the information you need to guide plant choice and soil amendment and care practices. Using this information properly can make a big difference in whether Tea Roses succeed in your garden. They thrive in the sun and with good soil and some basic care will bring oohs and ahs without putting a big dent in your water use. Visit our Water Smart Gardening website for more information on Tea Roses and many other plants.