December 2021 - Black Leaf Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’

Black Leaf Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ is an exotic-looking succulent that can be planted in containers, as an entry specimen oBlack Leaf Aeoniumr massed with other succulents. In bloom, it has yellow flowers that contrast strikingly with its dark green to purple-colored leaves. It’s semi-dormant in the summer and only needs infrequent watering in the dry season, with active growth during the wet season. Black Leaf Aeonium blooms in summer but has been observed flowering in winter depending on the microclimate. This plant is a favorite in seaside gardens and evokes kelp, with its dark, fleshy, bulbous leaves. Plant in rock gardens with other succulents for a reef-like effect. Soil preferences are forgiving. Potting soil, sandy, clay, or loam soils suit it fine. It will do well in full sun near the coast, but for inland locations some shade is necessary. Black Leaf Aeonium is deer resistant and is hardy to 28F so it may need some protection during winter in the colder microclimates around Monterey Bay. For more information on this and other plants visit our water-wise gardening website