PWS Monitoring Wells

Latest Update: October 15, 2021

Construction of the monitoring wells will begin on October 18th with the drilling of the MM-1 well in the Shorelife Community Church parking lot at the corner of Monterey Avenue and Kennedy Drive in Capitola. Construction of the wells will be conducted during daytime working hours and is anticipated to take approximately 15 days per well, constructing one well at a time.

Project Summary:

The system of monitoring wells for the Pure Water Soquel Project consists of nine monitoring wells strategically located adjacent to the Seawater Intrusion Prevention (SWIP) injection wells. This includes two monitoring wells for the Monterey Ave SWIP well, two monitoring wells for the Willowbrook Drive SWIP well, and five monitoring wells for the Twin Lakes Church SWIP well. This system of monitoring wells will be used to monitor groundwater quality and groundwater levels throughout the operation of Pure Water Soquel.