PWS Conveyance Project

Latest Update: November 22, 2022

All construction dates are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Please note that some of the repaved roadways within the project area currently have only temporary striping. Final roadway striping will be done at a later date. Thank you for your patience.

Project Contractor: Garney Construction

There will be no work on November 24 and 25 due to Thanksgiving Holiday.

City of Santa Cruz

Work hours are weekdays, 6:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m. 

Soquel Avenue

Pipeline installation on Soquel Avenue from Park Way to Carl Avenue is underway and expected to continue into December. While construction crews are in the Soquel Avenue and Park Way intersection, Westbound traffic is being shifted into Eastbound lanes. Southbound traffic on Park Way is being detoured onto Carl Avenue to reach Soquel Avenue. Please anticipate traffic delays while driving along this route.

Laurel Street Bridge

The installation of pipe supports is nearing completion. Pipeline installation on the bridge is underway and will continue into the week of November 28. Work on the south side of the bridge is scheduled for November 28 to December 6. Once work on the south side is complete work on the north side will begin and last approximately 3 days. Please watch for lane closures on the bridge during working hours; use extra caution and watch for crews and equipment. 


Paving on Broadway from Ocean View Avenue to Seabright Avenue is scheduled for the week of November 28 (subject to weather and temperatures). Please note: there may be temporary access interruptions to driveways in this area of Broadway during certain portions of this work – residents and businesses will be notified with door hangers prior to the access interruptions. During this work be aware of traffic control, lane closures, crews, and equipment.

County of Santa Cruz

Work hours are weekdays, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. 

Soquel Avenue

Pipeline installation work on Soquel Avenue from Paul Minnie Avenue to approximately 17th Avenue is underway and expected to continue through the end of November. Additional pipeline tie-in work in that area is underway. Beginning in early December, additional work is scheduled near the intersection of Soquel Avenue and Hagemann Avenue. Please watch for traffic control and flaggers in the area, and expect traffic delays.

Safety Reminders:

Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians will encounter traffic controls. Be aware of signage, flaggers, detours, and changes to lane configurations.  

  • Follow all traffic controls, and designated detours, and do NOT pass-through Road Closed signage; consider using alternate routes.  
  • Use extra caution when on any roads in the vicinity of the construction activity and watch for turn restrictions, equipment, and work crews.
  • Access to some side streets may be temporarily impacted during construction. 
  • There may be construction equipment or vehicles parked on side streets—please be aware of temporary “No Parking” signs. 
  • Please watch for work crews and equipment and be prepared for traffic delays—allow additional time to get to your destination. 
  • Some roadways may be temporarily uneven or rough. 
  • If there are questions about this work, please call (831) 475-8501 ext. 148.

Project Summary: 

Contractors for Soquel Creek Water District are installing about eight miles of pipeline under various streets between Santa Cruz and Aptos. These pipelines will carry water to and from the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility to the Chanticleer Water Purification Center (to be built) in the Live Oak area. Then purified water from the Water Purification Center will be conveyed to three Seawater Intrusion Prevention (SWIP) wells where it will recharge the groundwater basin. 

Construction will not be taking place on all streets along the pipeline route simultaneously. It will be a moving work zone, progressing up to several hundred feet per day. Work within a particular area could last for one-to-two weeks or more, as construction crews move along the pipeline route. 

In most cases the work will consist of excavating through the asphalt street surface, preparing the area for the pipelines, delivering and laying the pipes and associated equipment, then backfilling and temporarily patching of the street (to be resurfaced later). This work will require trucks, backhoes, excavators, and other equipment, with traffic control work crews on-site. In some areas, the pipeline will go across bridges where it will be affixed to the bridge structure. The work will require lane closures and short detours, and in some cases may require temporary complete closure of a segment of the street.

Project Map

Map of all the components of the Pure Water Soquel Project. As pipeline construction continues along the route, this map will show that progress.