11-140 Seascape Well Site Improvements & Raw Water

The project includes the procurement and installation of materials for a new submersible well pump to be installed in the existing well at the Seascape Well site and approximately 3,100 of 12-inch diameter pipeline between the Seascape and San Andreas Well sites, including the application of 70,000 square feet of Caltrans Type II slurry seal. Work also includes rehabilitation efforts on the well prior to installing the well pump.

The Seascape Well site work also includes the demolition and removal of the existing submersible well pump, steel enclosure, existing electrical systems, etc; a new well pump and electrical enclosure; new VFD and electrical improvements; instrumentation and control improvements; improvements to site piping and appurtenances; disinfection, startup, testing, and commissioning of the well, well pump station, and pipeline; and all other work provided for in the Contract Documents.

Open to Bids: No
Location: Aptos
Project CWO: 11-140
Bid Opening Date and Time: Monday, March 7, 2016 - 2 pm.