11-137 Granite Way Well

Work includes installing a temporary sound wall, drilling a 36-inch diameter, 55 feet deep borehole for a 30-inch diameter conductor casing, drilling a 24-inch diameter borehole to an approximate depth of 770 feet, and constructing the 12-inch diameter stainless steel well. Other work includes constructing a temporary water treatment system for discharge of well development water, developing the well, aquifer testing, video survey, disinfection, and site clean-up.

Prospective bidders shall register as a Plan Holder to be an eligible bidder and to be notified of project addenda.

Open to Bids: No
Location: Aptos
Project CWO: 11-137
Pre Bid Meeting: Not Required
Bid Opening Date and Time: Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 2 pm