20-0121 Alta Drive Trench Paving Repair

The trench paving repair work includes:

  • Replacing 42 Polybutylene service lines with HDPE SDR-9 service lines
  • Twenty-five hundred (2,500) +/- Linear Feet of AC pavement and base removal in water trench, 48 inches wide x 4 inches deep, compact existing base, repave in two lifts
  • Eight cross trenches repaved; remove existing AC and base ~20-feet long x 8-feet wide x 4-inches deep, compact base, and repave in two lifts
  • Approximately 500 square-feet of miscellaneous spot patching by removing 4-inches of AC and base, compacting, and repaving in two lifts
  • Reset water valves as needed

The project also contains alternate bid items for overlaying the road instead of trench patching. The base bid with trench patching will be the bid used when evaluating bid packages.

Open to Bids: No
Location: La Selva
Project CWO: 20-0121
Pre Bid Meeting: Not Required
Bid Opening Date and Time: Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 2 pm.