Prevent Backflow

Backflow Prevention DeviceSoquel Creek Water District works hard every day to provide high-quality water that is safe to drink. Backflow prevention and regulating cross-connection between drinking water pipes and sources of contamination is a high priority for us.

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is a hazardous situation that can threaten the safety of our public water supply. The danger occurs when water pressure drops and water is pulled into our distribution system from an unprotected connection in your home or business. Common examples include water from lawn irrigation that's puddled near the sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler systems that are pressurized with water that's been stagnant, and hoses that are left submerged in a swimming pool, pond, or a fish tank.

While the District does its best to maintain constant pressure in our distribution system, a decrease in water pressure is not uncommon. If a fire hydrant is being used nearby to extinguish a fire or nearby water main has ruptured, it will cause the pressure to drop suddenly.

How to Prevent Backflow

Backflow prevention devices must be used to stop such contaminants from potentially entering our public water system. To comply, please follow these steps:

  • A licensed backflow specialist must test these devices every year.
  • Customers are notified via mail when their device requires testing.
  • Results and compliance of backflow tests shall be submitted to Soquel Creek Water District.