Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

Rebate Information

  • Sensor-type irrigation controllers - $75
  • Signal-type irrigation controllers - $125

Install a weather-based irrigation controller that automatically adjusts the irrigation schedule based on daily weather changes and save water and money in the process. The District offers a weather-based irrigation controller rebate of $75 or $125 depending upon the type of controller you install. Larger sites (e.g., parks, homeowners associations, businesses, etc.) may qualify for a rebate of $600 per irrigated acre.

Weather-based irrigation controllers, also known as smart irrigation controllers, use current weather information to create appropriate irrigation schedules that adjust as the weather changes. They are most cost-effective for medium-size or larger landscapes; however, they can be used for any landscape. They are especially useful for vacation homes or homeowners that cannot or do not want to manually adjust their irrigation systems on a regular basis.

Types of Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

  • Signal-type controllers receive daily weather updates from satellite signals or require an internet connection to receive daily weather updates and create corresponding irrigation schedules ($125 rebate).
  • Sensor-type controllers use on-site weather sensors, solar sensors, or soil-moisture sensors to create corresponding irrigation schedules ($75 rebate). Please note that sensor-type controllers that rely solely on a rain sensor shutoff device do not qualify for a weather-based irrigation controller rebate.

Prices for both types of controllers start around $150 to $175; however, signal-type controllers are generally more expensive and they have an on-going monthly signal fee.

This list of WaterSense approved irrigation controllers may be helpful in selecting a device.  

If you have any questions regarding weather-based irrigation controller rebates or need additional information, please call our Conservation Department at 831-475-8500.

Water Savings

Weather-based irrigation controllers are proven to reduce landscape water use on average by about 8% in well-maintained irrigation systems. However, weather-based irrigation controllers cannot correct common irrigation problems such as overspray, leaks, or poor design. To really benefit from a weather-based controller, you should have a properly designed and maintained irrigation system, or be willing to make improvements and/or repairs if your existing irrigation system is not working well.

Special Rebate for Large Landscapes

(For example: parks, homeowner associations, businesses, etc.)

For large landscapes, we offer a rebate of $600 per irrigated acre when you install a sensor-type or a signal-type irrigation controller. If you have a large landscape, please call our Conservation Department at 831-475-8500 to schedule a pre-approval inspection and to verify program funding.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Eligibility

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Application (PDF). However, we still want you to be aware of the following:

  • Irrigation controllers equipped with rain sensor shutoff devices do not qualify for this rebate. However, the District offers a rain sensor rebate.
  • Rebate applies to materials only. Sales tax and labor are not included.
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers must be installed and rebate applications must be postmarked within 90 days of the purchase date.
  • The maximum number of weather-based irrigation controller rebates for residential customers is one per property. For large landscapes, the maximum number of rebates will be determined on a case-by-case basis by District staff.
  • If you have a large landscape and wish to apply for the $600 per irrigated acre rebate, a pre-approval inspection is required. Please contact our Conservation Department at 831-475-8500 to schedule a pre-approval inspection prior to submitting a rebate application. Rebates for large landscapes are limited and there is no implied or expressed guarantee that funding will be available. Rebate availability will be determined at the time the pre-approval inspection is conducted.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all rebate program participants receiving $600 or more per calendar year in rebates to be issued an IRS Form 1099 unless exemptions apply. If you have received rebates from Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) totaling $600 or more in the current calendar year, you must submit a completed IRS W-9 Form (PDF) with your rebate application to receive a rebate. The Social Security or Tax ID number requested in the rebate application process is in compliance with exemptions to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, 42 UCS 405 (c)(2)(c). Social Security numbers provided as part of the application process are held in confidence under terms of the Privacy Act and are not divulged or otherwise conveyed to individuals or organizations outside the SqCWD Rebate Program.