Stormwater Capture

About Stormwater Capture

Capturing available storm water may provide some water to aid in recharging the groundwater basin.

Current Activities

 We are currently in the design and logistics phase of a small-scale pilot project to capture stormwater at one Seascape Golf Course location. This location was identified as the most promising of several potential sites, based on the estimated volume of stormwater and the corresponding volume of groundwater recharge based on each site’s hydrogeology. Average groundwater recharge at this site is estimated at 12 acre-feet per year. This pilot will help us better understand the feasibility and costs of stormwater capture as a potential part of our long-term water supply portfolio. The project is a collaboration with Santa Cruz County and has been approved for partial funding with an Integrated Regional Water Management grant through Proposition 1.

Past Activities

The District has identified several locations which may be suitable for stormwater recharge based on stormwater runoff patterns and records of soil and aquifer conditions. The District is working on confirming recharge site suitability with on-site testing and analysis to get a clearer idea of how much water may be recharged, what water treatment may be needed, and which technologies may be appropriate in each location. The District would likely choose one site as a pilot of this concept and if it is successful, could install more stormwater projects as part of a long-term conservation and supply strategy. The goal is for each stormwater recharge project to recharge approximately 10 to 50 acre-feet of water per year. This project relies on the cooperation of landowners and some sites may run into permitting challenges.


  • Lead Agency: Soquel Creek Water District and the County of Santa Cruz
  • Estimated Cost: Unknown at this time.