Standing Committees

Standing Committee Meetings

The Board currently has three standing committees that are tasked to review, study, and discuss proposals, reports, and issues. The committees advise and recommend actions to the Board of Directors on these topics, and provide feedback to the General Manager and staff. The schedule for the standing committees are:

  • Finance and Administrative Services on the 4th Monday quarterly at 4 pm
  • Public Outreach on the 2nd Tuesday every other month at 10:30 am
  • Water Resources Management and Infrastructure on the 2nd Tuesday every other month at 4 pm

2022 Standing Committees (PDF)

Request to Speak Form for Standing Committee Meetings

To facilitate effective and efficient remote standing committee meetings, people wishing to address the Committee, (Oral Communications - Item 2.0) should submit a Request to Speak Form by 3 pm, on the Monday of the week of the standing committee meeting. The District will also permit public comment through the “raise hand” feature on zoom. 

View Standing Committees Agendas