Commercial Construction

NOTICE: As of 2/8/2023, the Water Demand Offset Program is no longer in effect. 

On 2/7/2023, the District’s Board of Directors (Board) voted at a regular Board meeting to end the Water Demand Offset (WDO) Program. This award-winning program served as a safeguard against groundwater overdraft and seawater intrusion for the last 20 years by enabling water conservation to balance out increased water demand from new development within the District. Given the progress of sustainable groundwater management efforts in our region, customer support in significantly reducing water demand, and the current construction of Pure Water Soquel, our primary supplemental supply project, the Board decided to end the WDO Program. Over the next few weeks, District staff will be following up with all current new water service applicants to discuss next steps.  Additionally, District’s website will be updated accordingly in the coming weeks to reflect this change applicable to future new water service applicants. 

Commercial Development ConceptThe following commercial project types must be assessed for water service requirements by the District.

  • All new commercial developments, 
  • Commercial expansions
  • Commercial businesses changing use 

Water service requirements for these projects may include additional metering, change in meter size, and/or participation in our Water Demand Offset program. Note that you must be assessed for additional water service requirements even if you have an existing service. 

If you would like to apply for service or request more information, please email us with the appropriate information. Please contact us for more information as early in your planning process as possible.

Residential Development Project

If you have a residential development project, please reference the Residential Water Service page.

Fire Service

If you only require a fire service for your project, please reference the Fire Service page.


Fees due to the District must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a customized estimate. Generally, the following fees are applied to all commercial projects:


Simple Projects

Simple projects, which do require additional District infrastructure to serve it, will follow the general process:

Complex Projects

Larger and more complex projects may require additional District infrastructure. In that case, these projects will follow the general process:

Request New Service

Fill out the New Water Service Application Form.