Apply for an Adjustment to Your Bill

The District will grant an adjustment for a leak or unexplained high water use once every three years. Adjustments are applied as a credit to the customer's account and are not available as a refund unless the account is closed. If you have experienced a leak or unexplained high water use, please fill out the Leak Adjustment Request Form to qualify.

Fixing Leaks Protects the Water Supply

Even a little leak can waste a lot of water…and money on your water bill. Soquel Creek Water District staff will notify you of a suspected leak after your monthly meter reading if 24 hours of continuous water use has been detected or your usage is significantly higher than normal. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 10% of households have leaks wasting 90 gallons of water per day or more.

Checking for and fixing leaks is often easy. We can help. Thank you for being diligent partners in protecting our water supply by finding and fixing leaks!

Report a Leak / After-Hours Emergencies

Our staff is on call 24/7 to address unexpected leaks that arise on our side of the water meters such as water main breaks and fire hydrants hit by cars. Call 831-475-8500 if you see water gushing in the street.