How to Read Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill (PDF)

About Your Bill

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  • The bills report your household's water consumption more precisely. The amount of water used is still shown in units (1 unit equals 748 gallons), but we report the number of units used out two decimal points (e.g. 4.27 units) instead of rounding to the nearest whole unit (e.g. 4 units).
  • A graph is included on single-family residential customers' bills comparing your household's consumption (light blue bar) to that of water-efficient homes ranging from 1 to 6 occupants (green bars). The current water-efficient guideline is 50-55 gallons per person, per day. This guideline reflects that the District is in a stage-3 water supply shortage and is striving to reduce overall water use 25% over our expected highest yearly usage of 3,900 AF.
  • Water accounts are billed every month based on consumption with tiered pricing. Consumption is based on hundred cubic feet of water (100 cubic feet of water equals 1 unit or 748 gallons).

Current Rates & Fees

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